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Senator John McCain reveals secrets to FBI that Trump’s relationship with Moscow had personally compromising material on the president-elect himself.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017
The FBI has received documents from Senator John McCain and in these documents is information about Donald Trump’s secret connection to Moscow and that the Russian intelligence is in possession of compromising material about Donald Trump.

The documents reveal that the US president elect had direct contact with Russia during his campaigns. This information comes amid claims that Russia worked with Donald Trump to interfere with US elections something which Donald Trump’s team has continuously denied.

Kremlin immediately denied being in possession of such compromising information about the US president elect and it can never do such things.
Trump’s team has not responded to such claims but the president elect took to social media and tweeted ‘fake news-a total witch hunt.
A US official working with the government and believed to have close contact to Russia compiled the report. According to the US government, the person who compiled the report is a well-informed person and reliable source of information for US administration.

One of the many reports implicating Donald Trump reveal that Donald Trump has had links with Russia for more than five years with an aim of causing splits in western alliance.

The report went ahead to reveal the president elect went ahead to refuse promises and deals offered by Russia one of them being on real estates and some connected to 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

On Tuesday, CNN reported that the FBI is still investigating whether the report is genuine. These allegations come a few days before the president elect gets inaugurated and as he plans to have his first press conference since July.

Normally the FBI never gives information about intelligence which is under investigation.  But different media houses have confirmed that the report reached the FBI by December.

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