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Robbed at gunpoint…Kim Kardashian finally shared her ordeal to her fans in a gun robbery encounter in Paris

Saturday, 7 January 2017
Kim Kardashian finally speaks out about what she went through in Paris when she was robbed at gun point. 

She feared she would die when she was robbed at gun point and jewelry worth $10million was taken away from her.

She has finally shared her ordeal to her fans and also said something about the struggles her husband Kanye West is going through.

It was a dramatic year for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and everything about that will be shared in ‘Keeping up With the Kardashians’ show scheduled to be shown this year in E entertainment. 

The clip which will be shown on E and describing how horrible her encounter with robbers was, shows how Kim was distressed and feared for her life.

Her sisters Kourtney and Khloe listen what happened in the clip as distressed Kim Kardashian just sits there figuring out what happened on that night last year when armed robbers broke into her hotel in Paris.

The clip shows that Kim was thrown in a bathtub and feared that they were going to throw her out.

Kim admits that she never finds it easy speaking about what happened on that night in Paris as she was robbed at gunpoint.

She says that she gets upset whenever she thinks about it. As if that was not enough, the mother of two and Kanye West suffered again a month later when the rapper suffered a mental breakdown. 

The trailer shows Kim distressed and something worse happens when she sits and prepares to grab something but receives a call that Kanye has been admitted at UCLA medical center. 

Kim starts crying immediately when the news hit her hard about Kanye’s problem. Kim then tells everyone that Kanye really needs him and has to go see him. 

Kim’s sisters then explain how strong their family is after a very tough 2016. It began with Kim being robbed at gunpoint then went to Kanye’s mental breakdown. 

One of the sisters is heard saying that they are strong together as a family despite what Kanye and Kim went through.

In December, Kim and Kanye West planned of treating their children in a different way. The two said that their children were to experience the humble way of life after being used to fancy lifestyle and expensive everything. 

Just last month after the family explained that they would not treat their children expensively, sources close to the family revealed that Kanye West was told to stay away from a Christmas party with the Kardashians. 

A source close to the family later revealed that Kanye was present in the party and went to watch with his friends.

Could it be true that Kanye West was told not to attend the Christmas party with the Kardashian family? Anyway let’s stop it there as the family puts everything in order to avoid same things happening this year.

Meanwhile the show about Kim’s armed robbery will be shown in March on Eentertainment.

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