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Jasmine finds herself in another Celebrity Big Brother's love triangle as Jamie and Calum fight over the American Model

Sunday, 8 January 2017
Jasmine is driving two guys crazy in Celebrity Big Brother according to last night’s episode which proved that Jamie and Calum are in love with the same girl.

These two guys have been fighting over the love of Jasmine Waltz. 
It seems Jamie O’Hara and Calum Best are in love with the same girl in the house. Since their arrival in Celebrity Big Brother, Jamie and Calum have been fighting to win the love and affection of model Jasmine Waltz.

It was clearly evident when the three, Jasmine, Jamie and Calum were spotted in bed all at the same time. 

The three housemates shared the same bed on Saturday and as it looks, Jamie and Calum are in love with the American model.
Jasmine was seen smooching Calum in bed before Jamie became jealous and decided to join the two in bed and get his share of a kiss from Jasmine.
Jamie had previously announced how he would love to with Jasmine. This was confirmed in last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother. 

Jamie just managed to get Jasmine’s cheek. Jasmine understands the affection Jamie has towards her. Jamie then decides to get into bed and sandwiches Jasmine as the romance goes on.
Jamie then goes on that Jasmine wants a double moment saying how naughty she is. Jasmine then acknowledges what Jamie said and says that they should be real.
On Friday Calum and Jamie got involved in a tug of war over the American star although that was part of a task in the house. Calum Best even went ahead to ask Jamie why he has always been making moves on his girl. 

Calum even told Jamie that they are just supposed to be boys and no one should make advances to another person’s chick.
Calum does not want Jamie to be with Jasmine and while in the tug of war on Friday, Calum just wanted to get Jasmine out of Jamie’s grip.
Jamie revealed on Thursday that he fancied the American model. He revealed that he would love to sleep with Jasmine. This was during an assignment they were supposed to complete as they were asked to choose a housemate to be edited out.

As Jamie revealed how he fancied Jasmine, it seems the American star never felt the same about the former Gillingham FC footballer.
While in the diary room, Jasmine reveled that she likes Jamie due to the fact that he is a nice and charismatic guy but would not love to be with him because he is fresh from a divorce with a woman she had three children with.
Jamie revealed that Jasmine is the only one in the house he would love to have sex with though that’s something that will never happen in the house.
This is not the first time Jasmine finds herself in a love triangle with CBB housemates. The same thing happened in 2014 when she found herself in romance with Lee Ryan.

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