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From slums to London’s top facialist, the story of Su-Man-an underprivileged girl, who worked her way to become the top facialist, her clients includes A-rated actress Anne Hathaway to Freida Pinto

Tuesday, 10 January 2017
Su-Man, a girl from the slums changed her life with her constant efforts and determination. Here we present you the success story of an underprivileged girl from Taiwan who made her way to become a successful facialist.


Su-Man lived in a mud hut with her parents, sibling and nieces in a remote and rural village in Taiwan. She had to take a 40- minute walks to and from her school every day, during which she used to skip a pebble down the unpaved, dusty roads. She didn't mind the long walk as it was quite usual for her.


Su-Man was always an outdoor person. For her climbing a tree and digging the fields was much more fun than cooking or doing other chores. The memories are still fresh in her minds when she recalled the time her mother used to chase her with a bamboo stick, to make her cook the sweet potatoes.

Su-Man is now 53 years old and has her saloon in a luxurious hotel in London. Some of the A-listed Hollywood actresses have to wait in line to get their facial done.

Anne Hathaway described her work as ' life-changing'.


According to Su-Man, nothing was planned as she never knew if she would be in London but she did efforts and hard work for it.

While she was young she didn't have the privileges like TV, phone. She did her homework in the candlelight. Her parents used to work on a farm and the kids also helped them out.


She was not a fan of doing household chores like washing dishes, but there was one job that she loved doing and that job was growing mushroom.

According to Su-Man "Mushrooms grow at night so I would get up at four in the morning and pick them".
Her father taught her weather prediction by looking at the star, and she still uses the method in today's advanced and technological world.

When Su was 16 years old she took the business subject. Her thought was that she might become rich if she chooses a subject that was related to money. However, her life took a drastic turn when she got enrolled into a dance college in the capital Taipei.

Getting into a dance school, that too in a capital city was not that easy, but she worked hard in the after-school ballet classes.

She was mesmerized by the way her ballet teacher moved her body and she decided this is what she wants. 

There were thousands of participants in the audition and all well-prepared. Su got disappointed and assuming she would never get in, started her business class again. One day she got the news of her acceptance to the college through a newspaper, which was the only source of news in her village.

Life was never easy for Su, as she had to work at multiple places to pay the college fees including other expenses. As her college ended, she traveled to Germany to start a new life.

Germany was totally strange for her, and communication was very tough due to a language barrier. Although she never made dancing her career but she was selected for a theater company. Her theater experience gave her a chance to tour most of the Europe.  

Life had something else written for Su, when she got interested into skincare. She loved message due of a back pain she suffered in her childhood.According to Su-Man "Everything happened by coincidence, I never planned to be a dancer or a facialist"

She learned skincare from her Japanese teacher in London. After she mastered the techniques, she started as a small beauty therapist. Her fame gradually increased because of her unique, Shiatsu-inspired way of massaging.


Actresses like Anne Hathaway to Frieda Pinto are her clients and she is all booked up during the award season.

She had launched her own skin beauty products. She lives with her husband and two daughters in London.
Su-Man story is totally inspiring and tells us that nature has a path laid for all of us and some are more difficult to walk than others but at the end, the one who works hard and pushes through every difficulty becomes the winner.

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