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CBB’s house got a little hot when Nicola McLean and Jamie O’Hara shared some flirty moments- which she later apologized saying ‘Is my husband going to hate me’.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017
Monday night in the Celebrity Big brother house proved to be extremely flirty and seductive night for Nicola McLean and Jamie 0'Hara as the two CBB's housemates were quite drunk.

The exhausted Nicola from last night's  'fun' seemed very remorseful and disappointed, she asked her housemates if her husband  Tom Williams will " hate" her for what happened the night before.

The actor turned the tables as she took a witty turn saying she has a "free card" referring to the old incident of her husband cheating on her. 

The actor said it in a quite humorous way or was it Nicolas's way of hiding the fear.?
The Cbb's housemate Angie used a diplomatic approach by telling Nicola that she might have 'some explaining' to do.

Nicola however, looked all calm-and-cool as she defended herself saying she her footballer sweetie have also cheated on her as she swags about not giving any explanation as she have got the 'green card'
Nicola, the 35-year-old model, and mother of two,  poured her kisses on the footballer on the cheeks, completely blessing him, which left the other housemates completely flabbergasted.

She also asked the footballer to come to her bed when the lights are turned off and to look for her. Jamie looked completely under her spell.
The pair was also warmed by other housemates like Stacy Francis who advised the pair " don't get into trouble' giving them a warning sign.

But the pair looked unstoppable. They were in the smoking area of the CBB's house when Nicola joked “You hate me!" to which Jamie replied that 'I love you'. In short order after that Jamie said how he loves, Tom and that's why loves his friend's 'Missus'

The pair looked all on fair as she said " we’ve done it before can't do it again!'
Woah! Nicola must've been totally drunk as she laughed and giggled while rubbing Jamie’s thighs as they sit tight-close.

The pair went inside the house along with the other housemates. Nicola confessed she is so drunk which was when Jammie offered his help saying he can help her changing into her pajamas to which Nicola  came close to him as she whispered, 'When the lights went off you better come over here and reassure me..'

This was not the first time Nicola had a flirty scene in the house. When she first came to the CBB's house she shared some sultry and hot moments with Frankie Cocozza in a hot tub.

Answering the question, if she was single, would she make a move on Frankie Nicola said 'yes'.

Nicola married the footballer Tom in 2009 and has two kids Striker and Rocky.  The couple split for years Nicola accused Tom to have cheated on her which Tom never admitted. When Tom was approached by a magazine he got all harsh and 'Go f**k yourself. I'm not interested.'

While another post says ‘Strong women pull each other up and week ones pull other women down.’

In one of her post she shared ‘Confident women don’t hate.’

Nicola flirty act with Jamie was also made such scandalous and red-hot as she was friends with Jamie's ex-wife Danielle Lloyd. Danielle also broke her silence on Tuesday as she shared a couple of posts pointing toward Nicola.

Well, we wish Nicola best of luck for the ‘explaining-to-do’

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