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£2,500 a night hotel room 'set fire' as Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift film Fifty Shades Darker video

Tuesday, 10 January 2017
Taylor swift and Zayn Malik have collaborated on a new truck.
While filming the video for their Fifty Shades Darker truck, I don’t Wanna Live Forever, they cause a mayhem in London as they have planned it before.


It is reported the pair actors completely destroyed a £2,500 night hotel room as part of a scene for the raunchy clip.

It was an amazing scene as Zayn trashed the hotel room to bits as he rips apart pillows and smashing a lamp up against the wall.
And for Taylor’s part, she had to light the curtains on fire.


Fortunately, as the scene was pre-planned, the smoke alarms had been turned off on the nearby floors as it could have caused the building to be evacuated.

We can’t wait to see the final release of the film…you know how it’s going to be so sexy.

Zayn had dressed dapper while Taylor had wore garters and heels.
From sources, Taylor is yet to be spotted filming again with the former One Direction Starin London
It is well known that the two pair meet each other through Zayn girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.


The truth is Taylor is friends with Hadid and the collaboration was reached while speaking to Elvis Duran said Zayn.
The pair gets along each other very well as they talk about the truck after the star Taylor had heard it through her mutual friend probably the producer jack antonoff.

Zayn said Taylor had liked the song very much. By then she asked her if she wanted to be part of it and her reply was yes.
It is a nice collaboration for the pair as they begin their new track while we anticipate the final release which the video will really rock

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